Band Room Products

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The Band Gear *Exclusive* Trombone Rack   

Measures 43″H  x  75″L  x  25″W

Holds up to 20 Trombone cases securely. Cases can hang from the adjustable wing racks along the top and also stand and the base, maximizing the storage space. The rack is on heavy duty casters so the rack unit can be rolled. Our standard model is made out of fine walnut hardwood, quality hardware, and the base is carpeted to protect the instrument cases from wear and tear. (Please note in the above picture the wood was stained to match the client’s decor. A new picture will be available soon of the unstained standard model). This product can be customized with any hardwood, stain, paint, or finish of your choosing to match your existing storage, providing the supplies are still available on the market. This product can also be customized with your organization logo.

Trombone Wall Racks

NEW!  Brass Instrument Soldering Kits

Includes everything needed for successful solder joints in most situations.

After testing several different solders and fluxes, we have found the perfect combination for brass instruments. The solder does not contain any rosin which can leave a sticky residue behind, and flows nicely between 362 and 375 degrees.

The flux is water based for easy cleanup/dilution and contains no free acid. It is highly active when heated (becomes active at 150 degrees) yet it is nearly inactive when cold.


Concert Podiums.  Can be setup with the top tier in any of 3 positions or directly on the floor.

Sousaphone Wall hangers.  The box, which includes school logo, provides storage for goose neck, mouth piece, lyre, etc.

Director’s Boxes.  The boxes include many interchangeable trays for different sized mouthpieces and compartments for things like valve oil, slide grease, reeds, etc.  There is also a tray (as shown on the top right) that has 3 different sized holes so that one side can have the compartments and the other side can hold several different sized mouth pieces for a quick grab-and-go solution.


Customized instrument case with organization imprint

Personalized Embossed Tuba Case

Personalized Embossed Tuba Case

Donation Collections Boxes

Donation Collections Boxes