About Us

Band-Gear (AKA BandDirectorsFriend.com) is the end result of years of many extensive “band parent” projects for our local high school and middle school bands, for which our son had played for. The band directors of both were the most deserving men as they were both extremely dedicated to the students and the band programs, and worked together to build the high school program in numbers and quality. As band parents, we couldn’t do enough for these gentlemen to repay them for the service they were doing for our son and schools.

In the process, we learned a whole lot more about the public school systems, charter schools, DCI, DCA, and WGI, than we ever thought possible. We also learned so much about instruments beyond what our son played. We built out all kinds of rental trucks and school owned trailers. We’re systematically rebuilding both band directors’ band rooms and storage rooms. And their response each step of the way have been the same… “You should really go into business doing this!”

With a background in engineering, carpentry, welding, and theater set and prop design, we’re able to apply those skills to help other bands and corps that either don’t have or don’t want to rely on a “band parent” or staff member having the right skills for what you need. Or sometimes you just lose valuable people when they age-out or their children graduate. Worse yet, your needs can change rapidly from year to year with the size of your group, surprising your staff with needs you didn’t anticipate. That’s where we can help. We have configurations that can be adapted to the current size of your band, then easily reconfigured next year if you have twice as many saxophone players or half as many trumpet players.  Of course, you really should double the size of your battery… but we might not be objective on that matter since our son is a percussionist!

In learning about this business, one thing has been consistent. The commitment and strong work ethic of the band directors that we knew, were also the traits of ALL the band directors we have met since. Teachers in general are some of the most hard working and under appreciated people, but band directors take that to a whole new level. And yet many school systems will provide them only a meager budget (if they’re lucky) and build out their band rooms with particle board cubbies, which sadly costs more than our furniture grade cabinetry. We will always offer higher end products and finishes to organizations without budget restrictions that prefer the finer materials, and more elegant design styles and hardwoods. But our mission is to apply our own over-the-top work ethic to provide a high quality option at a price that is reasonable to organizations on a tight budget. We want to find solutions to the common problems directors have and reduce some of the unnecessary frustration from their job so they can spend less time dealing with issues and more time doing what they do best, making a difference in the lives of their students.


Due to some confusion with the Band-Gear name, we have registered banddirectorsfriend.com and pointed it to the Band-Gear website to make it easier to remember and find.  Band Directors Friend is doing business as Band-Gear LLC.